Selfish Political Interest

May 16, 2011 12:52am CST
Why poverty remains the top leading and major problems of most nations? This is because there is failures in handling funds and allocating it properly to proper and suitable programs of our nation. When i say failures, i therefore speak to what is the most and common failure, most of all CORRUPTION. Because of corruption, our nation still remains to be below the poverty line. Why there is corruption between and among our government leaders? First of all because they are aftering for POWER, PRESTIGE and INFLUENCE. When you have money, you are powerful, you are prestigious, and most of all, you are influential in the society. You have lots of mansions, cars, businesses and even lots of leftover foods. Sad to note, while other government officials are enjoying the benefits of better living because of corruption, there are on the other side of this nation, suffer from hunger, from homelessness and illiteracy. Instead of buying luxurious cars and houses, why not put it on programs that can uplift the life of every individual? Ask me why? This is because they are greedy, they are selfish and they are but monster leaders of our country. Bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan, wag magalit. May God enlighten and bless their minds. God bless us all.
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@aerous (13468)
• Philippines
1 Jun 11
I think poverty is every ones concern. We can blame those politicians by not doing anything to uplift the lives of every citizens of this country...
@vannyt (344)
• Philippines
16 May 11
Exactly the reason why even the baranggay Chairman post is hotly contested. The irony of it all is we, the electorate knows this but still vote and put these people in power. See who wins in every time we have an election it's the known candidates, either a celebrity or someone coming from a known political clan.