What is the most productive thing to do in the Internet?

@783748 (179)
May 16, 2011 1:19pm CST
The Internet is has provided so many ways and means to do things. What do you think is the most productive thing to do in the internet when you really got nothing else to do? What are the sites that could make the use of Internet really productive?
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• India
18 May 11
Wikipedia is what I browse in my free time. I search for just any random topic and do an in and out research on them.
@llbo1981 (1242)
• China
24 May 11
Internet is really a good platform to earn money.Many people become rich by use of internet.The examples are too many all over the world.Such as the owner of facebook.What is the most productive thing to do in the Internet?It according to your requirement
@himzey (1321)
• India
24 May 11
#Ofcourse net is the best means to pass time one can have. Playing games online, reading interesting stuff, checking out whats new, n above all is social networking. 7 years back i was the only one in my friend circle who had net connection to his pc. Back then my pals used to scold me, "man whats the use of this Internet connection when u are neither interested in downloading movies or songs. Playing games n nothin else... man u r literally abusing the world wide web. :p lolz.." And now when each one of have it, they say "internet..?...whether you have it or not... its really doesnt matter, PS: unless u r really really alone.. ". Im glad they have come to understand my past situation and now sympathesize with me. When a child gets a new toy, he plays with it as much as he could. Letting it slip a second away from his hands is like a curse to him. But eventually he looses interest in it and lets it go.For he has other new thing in his life to discover. I m not sayin "let go the Internet..".. but there comes a time when u too will eventually loose interest in it and its nothin more than an extra tax u have to pay for, except for certain occasons when u really need it... bt thats very rare.
@mohammed3 (208)
• United States
21 May 11
I think the most productive thing t o do on the internet is something that helps you out personally. For a lot of people, that can be trying to earn money, such as a lot of people try to do via myLot! One thing that I like to do on the internet to be productive is play games and do activities that help strengthen my brain and memory. There are a lot of great sites for this, such as www.gamesforthebrain.com, check it out if you can!
• Canada
18 May 11
I love using the Internet and my computer - they are both my outlets to the world, as I am homebound. I use it for everything - reading, chatting, video and TV watching, listening to music, keeping in contact. When I'm bored and have nothing to do, finding myself with some down time, I also come here to MyLot.
• Poland
16 May 11
When I'm bored and I have nothing else to do, I use MyLot. It is fun, and I can make a little cash as well! I like to read news websites and current affairs websites as well. I think it is important to keep up to date with what is happening in the world.