What are the Top Black Organizations of All of Time, and Today Part 1

United States
May 16, 2011 9:09pm CST
Black organizations have crossed the gambut of all organizations from religous to cultural to specialized genres such as business,law, farming and secret societies. The collective consciousness of blackness made these organizations unique and sometimes risky. Blacks have operated in pragmatic and non threatening ways and to the other extreme as flamboyant and militant. Ther have been millions of black organizations of all kinds but sadly many were eliminated, wiped out or self destructed but some still exist today but most are past their peak. Black or African ASmerican progress started with thre first revolutionary progress in the country. From Crispus Attucks to the mathemtician/arcitect Benajamin Baneker,Blacks have been involved in every area of this countries founding. Frederick Douglas began a political legacy of petition of legisilation that flourishes to this day. Rev Richard Allen started AME church in 1791 and this historical institution still exist today. Prince Hall began the legacy of The Black Masons and this historic legacy still continues. Booker T. Washington and W.E. B. Dubois clashed and juxaposed positions and perspectives on the pragmatismof using industrialeducation or to pursue high intellectualand academic achievement as the waym of advancing in a hostile environment for black advancement. Both strategies proved beneficial and progressive. Booker T. Washington Tuskeegee University have provided many students with a pragmatic education in the skilled trades that gave them a firm foundation on which to stand. WED Duboise and the Niagra Movement led to the founding of the NAACP.
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