May 16, 2011 11:47pm CST
Almost people moved to this city from many different provinces. They have studied. Then, they have worked and lived here. They don't want to turn back their hometown because many reasons. However, they often look for restaurants or shops, coffee bars ect...which have countryside stylish. And they love to go there. Is this a contradiction?
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• Philippines
19 May 11
Maybe these people seek change in their lives but still are reminded of the happy things in their past. They look for things that are familiar especially those that seemed to have given them a different kind of happiness. It's not unusual how people can be like this. Maybe, if you would be somewhere else besides the place you grew up in, you might be looking for some familiar faces, familiar people, familiar forms of entertainment like restaurants and bars that could satisfy your cravings. It's quite contradictory at some point but that's just the way it is.