How to achieve personal and spiritual growth?

@mallu30 (463)
May 18, 2011 2:37am CST
Peronal and spiritual growth starts from understanding how necessary it is. To grow personally and spiritually means being able to surpass challenge, and being able to stand strong no matter what one comes across. Achieving personal and spiritual gowth will give you gratifying results that can make you a better individual and also a better person to others.
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• Philippines
7 Jun 11
Personal growth for me is when you grow out of old, childish habits, and learn mature ones. It's when you learn that shutting your ears off when someone is expressing his opinions is useless compared to actually listening and giving honest feedback to him. Through our years of living we grow as a person but it depends on each of us how mature we grow. Sometimes there are people who just won't accept their wrongs and that's what keeps them stranded on their steps, instead of stepping up one level up the ladder.
• China
27 May 11
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@sender621 (14956)
• United States
18 May 11
Personal and spiorituual growth has to start from within. if you don't have this to begin with in your heart, it is something much hader to obtain. it is not something you can just go out and buy or habe someone give to you. It has has to come from inside a willing mind and heart.
@tash01 (2032)
• Jamaica
18 May 11
To develop spiritual growth you can fast and read your bible. Personality i fast are read a inspirational books to get more understanding and knowledge about God. But for a better result you can fast, it works for me an it can work for you.
@CJscott (4184)
• Canada
18 May 11
Fasting does help, if you are focusing your mind on a purpose whilst you fast. Reading books that challenge your beliefs, as well as books that support your beliefs. Learning and doing things that help you to become the person you were meant to be, not a new and different person, just MORE of the person you are. Sincerely and With Appreciation. P.S. You never grow in your comfort zone.
@urbandekay (18312)
18 May 11
Fasting all the best urban