Been Awhile

@Carolyn63 (1403)
United States
May 19, 2011 1:58pm CST
I honestly don't know how long it's been since I've been here. So much has gone on! I finished earning my Wiccan degrees. I opened my own online Wiccan school. I finished my manuscript. I met my birth father. I told my birth mother to leave me alone once and for all. I had minor surgery, a cyst removed. Found out I have an enlarged heart. Beat diabetes. Lost weight. Created a fern garden. Planted a vegetable garden and fruit trees. Rescued abandoned animals. Cried when I had one with bone cancer that had to be put down. I know it's been over a year since I've been here, maybe longer. How do you share a year of life in such a setting? I've already posted my weight loss plan. Let me share the blessing of meeting my father. I spoke with my father online and on the phone for about a year before we finally met. He and his wife came to me. Oh my he is a joy. He is easy going, very funny, and honest. He recently found in some papers left by his step grandmother, my original birth certificate. He sent it to me along with a surprise. Now, it may sound silly to some, but for me it was a treasure as it was something I remembered. He sent me my kindergarten diploma. I got rather tickled when he told me not to hold my education over my husband, lol. While here I learned of his love of Mexican food. He has diabetes. He said when the doctor told him he said " As long as you don't tell me I can't eat Mexican Food because then you might as well kill me and if I get to heaven and they don't have it, I'm leaving!" See, he is funny. He is an animal lover, as am I. He has a house full of cats currently, but he has had dogs and cats and even a horse once. He complained about feeling naked without a pocket knife and nail clippers, as he couldn't take such things on the plane. So, we bought him some to use while here and then mailed them to his home when he left. He picked on his wife and I laughed so much the whole time he was here. She to his surprise thoroughly enjoyed the visit as well. He sends me a dozen red roses on my birthday. I guess you may have noticed at this point, I adore my dad! We have a new dog, a Min Pin, we got from a local animal rescue place. His name is Jasper and he is about 2 and a half years old. He is afraid of everything. We got him at the end of October. He was terrified of the furnace so I had to buy a radiant heater for my office. You couldn't crack the windows on the cars as the rush of air noise would freak him out. He is finally okay with that. He rides back and forth with us to work. He wasn't socialized obviously as he runs to hide and barks when someone comes in. He does get on well with our inside cats. He sleeps inside most nights with us. He is spoiled rotten! I love him. Well, I think that is enough for now. I'm still alive. I've just been living. I won't be gone so long from now on.
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@bunnybon7 (37915)
• Holiday, Florida
19 May 11
oh my. so glad you are back. so glad things are finally going so great for you. you have put forth a lot of effort and blossomed like a rose my friend. this is great. i hope the good parts continue.
@Carolyn63 (1403)
• United States
20 May 11
Why thank you. I was going to add a few photos but right now it isn't being the least bit cooperative. Perhaps next time. For now, we have customers here at work so I must tend to that. I'll be back in between customers to look about.