Why my friend gets more attention from men than me? I'm ignored

United States
May 19, 2011 2:45pm CST
My friend is a pre-op male to female gay transexual. I'm a straight female. We have been friends for many years. My friend takes female hormones and has developed breasts,soft skin, feminine voice, etc so he looks very much like a female. He wears skin tight dresses and low tops. He is nice looking and with beautiful brown eyes. I'm rather plain looking with no features worth mentioning. When we go out he gets all the attention from men and I'm virtually ignored. We are both overweight, but he weighs over 400 pounds. Much more than me. Of course most do not realize that she is a he. If we are walking out and about men will holler out "hey cutie" "sexy" or whatever to "her". Sometimes I feel so ugly and ignored. Men will walk past me to get to "her". They don't even notice I'm there. I care about my friend and I accept that he wants to be a woman, but I don't think its fair he gets all the attention, when I'm the one with the real female parts. Matter of fact, most of my friends are better looking than me. I'm just the ugly friend who tags along. I wouldn't dare tell my friend I feel this way because it would make things awkward between us.Why do the ugly girls always finish last?
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@anklesmash (1416)
19 May 11
You shouldnt be so critical of your self i bet you have a load of great points.Your problem isnt anything to do with looks but confidence.He/She sounds a lot more confident than you and this inner confidence is probably the secret to his/her success.Don't despair their is someone out there for you.
@vinod4net (628)
• India
19 May 11
Please do not feel embarrassed just because of your looks. Looks are just one aspect of your personality. I would like you to try to enhance your personality and other skills which will make you more presentable and more approachable. Your friend is just faking guys thru her feminine looks which is good for fun and short twrm but in long run she won't get anything for himself.