Little improvement LegoLand cld be something

United States
May 19, 2011 10:05pm CST
So we took our kids to Legoland CA today. We had a good time, dont get me wrong. I have a few suggestions though. One add more cars, boats coasters to the tracks. We spent so much time in line on a non busy day because they dont know how to run a park effeciently, Excuse my spelling. Two more music. I enjoy having some background music or noise, I think it brings little more magic so to say. Three dont close your park at 5 when it opens at 10. Four why do you only do most of your shows on the weekend? Five in your rides, like the new pharoh Revenge, have some excitement in it. I was so excited to ride this ride, only to come off dissapointed. Its like the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disneyland. Difference, Disneyland has excitement to it. We rode this ride no music, the guns didnt work well, not a lot going on in there, just not thrilling. Six lets have some more characters for photo opts. I have to say love the miniland. The Star Wars miniland is absolutly awesome. In fact I recomend making a ride surrounding this little mini land that brings in a new view to what you walk around. Seven when having water attractions in your park please add dressing rooms. Only having a bathroom used for a dressing room and bathroom is a bad idea. Not only did we wait forever to pee, the floor was very wet.Since I cant think of the other stuff right now, maybe thats it, one other thing I recomend is, if your ticket prices are going to be $70 for an adult and your park is already lacking please dont charge extra to visit the aquarium or the new water park. Your not DisneyLand so lets not do park hoppers until you improve somethings. I know not everyone will agree and me being a huge Disney fan shldnt compare, but we did SeaWorld last weekend and I have no complaints. Tickets are the same price as LegoLand. The park stayed open till 10, all shows were running and so were rides. Call me a complainer,but this is how I feel. Did we have a good time yes. Will we go back, possibly one more time next year before we are transfered again. Wld I buy a season pass, No! My kids had fun and thats what matters. They want me to want to come back fix somethings. All in all it was a great day with my Family and they had a cpl rides that were awesome like The Dragon coaster and the Lego Technic coaster and the Coastersauraus. The Coast Cruise was enjoyable, but they needed another boat running. Just like all the other rides, put those other cars on the tracks and lets get those lines moving, you only have 7 hours to play.
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