Intense dream

May 20, 2011 7:03am CST
Hello mylot,just woke up and had an unpleasant dream to say so.The the subject is snakes,I know dream elements are interpreted by context so I'll try to tell you my dream as I best remember it.I think I was in a old abandoned industry building at a lower level,I was walking a narrow corridor and on my left there where some water pipes.I walked for a bit and on the pipes there where some piton snakes wrapped around the pipes,they where dead and their head was facing down.I found and industrial scaffold,it wasn't that high so i jumped down walked a bit more and made a right turn,after that I was 3 snakes gaining speed and coming in my direction.I turned back, climbed the scaffold and when I turn I saw them down staring at me with those yellow little eyes,they tried to bite but they could not reach.They slowly climbed the scaffold i took a few steps back and the snakes just stood on my feet.I then opened my eyes and saw my room and I was relieved,the sad part is that I could not move,I stayed in bed for like a min and could not move,slowly I could move my hand and felt my legs and could stand up,was the last part a dream or reality?I don't know,but it was so real,I could see my room so clearly.If you can please give some light on this dream I just had,try to interpret it,thank you.
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@ebuscat (5949)
• Philippines
21 May 11
For me really good for you you have it all.