Unstoppable..? Had it stopped your excitations !

May 20, 2011 9:17am CST
Actually i wasn't even in the mood of watching that movie , some of my friends insisted me that it would be a great movie . So i prepared to watch that movie today afternoon . It started to be a very ordinary movie ....but when the time kept on rolling , the wheels of the Train kept on moving as it made my excitation to peak up the limits . It was a wonderful movie ! I really loved the way it was made , the real time camera movements , real trains ! Had you seen it ?
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@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
24 May 11
Moviegoers experienced and keen eye for news on the latest technical music is not long a secret visit to the cinema that often comes bundled with the deafening sound. Sometimes it works, and well done sound effects are decisive for the atmosphere and tension. Tony Scott, unfortunately, far too exaggerated in his new action Unstoppable / The unstoppable, intense cinematic experience that could be summed up with "sit comfortably on the seat cinema and then ... someone shoot your two hands over his ears" . Unstoppable's main asset, a story about attempts to stop a freight train loaded with flammable substances from destroying an entire city, is accessibility. No one would like a bomb the size of a block "to proceed to his home town by threatening the destruction of miles of houses, for two hours therefore body and soul with live actors (although you know about outcome ). Only that Tony Scott is careful to get out of the atmosphere with deafening music, movement and assembly room chaotic that insult your intelligence. Mr. Director, to tell you a secret: Denzel Washington, Chris Pine and train were enough attention to keep us awake! If an asteroid freight replace Washington and Bruce Willis Unstoppable you realize that Armageddon is a smaller scale. If the 1998 film was obtained only from experience the thrill of extreme self-sacrifice of the characters (well, and tear of the song from Aerosmith), Unstoppable is much better because let's face it, meteorites that endanger the fate humanity has not yet appeared, but the unbridled speeding freight trains are not at all difficult to imagine, especially in an ultra-tech world like ours. Not to say that the events of the film are inspired from some actually happened ... If you ignore the deafening music and sound effects, certainly to get into Unstoppable's atmosphere, especially with the help of Denzel Washington in the role of a driver went through a lot, Chris Pine - conductor beginner, but full of initiative, and close to put on an equal footing with its counterparts in humans, nearly a kilometer mastodon, whose cars filled with flammable substances should be able to delete a city on earth. Tony Scott seeks adventure extreme step of the characters involved (we have them on Rosario Dawson in the role of a traffic controller and Kevin Dunn as "boss" more concerned about financial losses than the human ones), but makes an unforgivable mistake for a director with experience. Like to help viewers understand what is happening and put a slice of dynamism in May over a cake and so full of calories, use the "transmission" of television, full of graphics full of information about train mechanics, effects of acceleration and deceleration, the consequences of a possible explosion and so on, all unachievable in the real world, especially since the events occur so quickly. The result is a visual delirium, and Scott does not stop there: over excess comes the dramatic dynamism. Of course, Washington and Pine can not be only the driver and conductor, but must become Frank and Will, two men with a history. Although the two characters are not known before boarding an engine that could save an entire city in a few tens of minutes to find all the secrets of conversation and revealing a little too relaxed service for two new colleagues who started the day work not just with his right foot. But this one have the train ...
@isloooboy (1740)
• United Arab Emirates
20 May 11
Yeah I agree with you after 40 minutes movie pick the real momentum and director gripped the story very smoothly but tightly. Real excitement begins with the speed of action which grower gradually. In the end its natural to call it great movie. Cheers