What's For Lunch

@Carolyn63 (1403)
United States
May 20, 2011 10:14am CST
We just hired a friend back to work with us. He had some health issues a while back and had to leave. Well, my husband is a picky eater. So I often make a large batch of soup, something I love, and eat it during the week for lunch. Todd, our friend, isn't a picky eater, so now we share our lunch. This week we had German Potato salad with light Polish sausage. We had mixed seasoned greens with light smoked sausage. He is making chicken and dumplings for us next week, yummmmm! It actually saves money to bring lunch and we don't have to eat the same thing every day. It also keeps any from being wasted. Oh, last week I made my chili and we had that. He took some home and only gave his wife a bite to try. He will not share my chili, lol. So, what's for lunch?
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