Ancient Aliens, Do you believe in them?

May 20, 2011 1:48pm CST
I have been watching History Channels "Ancient Aliens" and I have been fascinated by some of the explanation that they have on certain unexplainable things that ancient civilizations have accomplished. I know sometimes its hard to believe in this things but its makes you wonder "what if". Like how can people from ancient times, with out any heavy machinery, create megalithic structure And why does these structures have similarities on locations that are continents away from each other. The series "The Event" has an episode similar to what "Ancient Aliens" and it just makes you wonder more. So what are your two cents on Ancient Aliens?
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@owstalaga (4576)
• Philippines
26 Jun 11
well yeah it is possible these aliens have been coming around ever since man existed. I don't think it's impossible. Maybe they came from the future maybe they came from outer space who knows? We don't know everything yet so let's just sit tight and watch as everything unfolds in time. =)