Angels and demons

May 20, 2011 5:12pm CST
Dan brown was amazing with 'Da vinci code', however this was a little disappointment for me. It started really good but the thrill was completely gone by its ending.Da vinci code had many riddles and lots of info but this one was lengthy and was totally predictable when it ends. Movie was better compared to this one. If anyone ever read that book please state how u felt after reading Angels and demons
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• Philippines
21 May 11
hi! :) I read Angels and Demons first, and I loved it! For me, it was much more exciting than reading Da Vinci Code. The race to save the cardinals before the killer gets them, and the info behind the churches and Illuminati were very interesting. Angels and Demons happened in only 24 hours, so that added to the excitement. Because of the hype of Da Vinci Code then, I wasn't very much impressed with it. Also, because I read A&D, I kind of knew Dan Brown's style, so Da Vinci Code was predictable to me. Like the person above me, I think it depends on which you read first. All my friends agree that A&D was better, and we all read A&D before Da Vinci Code. :)
• India
23 May 11
ok i agree.. too much expectation spoiled the book for me thanks for commenting
@asyria51 (2870)
• United States
20 May 11
I think it all depends on which one you read first. I was in Japan when Da Vinci code came out as a book. Books printed in English were really expensive, so we did a lot of book swapping. My dad had Angels and Demons when I got back stateside so I read it first. I really liked it. DaVinci Code was just as good. Really did not like the movies all that much.
• Philippines
21 May 11
I didn't like the movies either! It's much better to just read the books. I'm not much into action films, and I only watched these movies because I liked the books. But the movies weren't really well made. And not worth watching twice. :)
@veganbliss (3901)
• Adelaide, Australia
21 Jun 11
I've read the Angels & Demons book & seen the movie. I've seen the Da Vinci Code movie several times, but have not read the book yet! I think the movies in both cases, although I wouldn't rate them highly, are still worthwhile watching again & again - for the content & personal conviction of the characters if for no other reason. After reading Angels & Demons, I felt that I wanted to visit Rome! Most people would go there because it is a well-known "city of romance", but I would be more interested in the history of the place. Things are not what they seem! I think Italy's tourism commission should pay commissions to Dan Brown for everyone who comes to visit Rome because of his works! If the Italian tourism commission does for Dan Brown what the New Zealand Tourism Commission has done for Lord of the Rings, then Italian Tourism would be booming! Paris could also do something similar for The Da Vinci Code & Europe would be out of debt in no time! Maybe someone could get Dan Brown to write one set in Greece!?!
@marguicha (97511)
• Chile
26 May 11
I liked a lot more the Da Vince code. And I thought that he wrote the second book using the research he had done for the first one. You are right: A/D´s end was predictable. The Da Vinci code was a first in his class and that was in part why itwas such a best seller. We want to go to Paris and walk those steps. But the other book kept us seated while reading, saying to ourselves: it´s ok, but...