A drug that will make you smarter, boost more confidence and will make you rich.

May 21, 2011 9:43pm CST
I watched a movie last night, "Limitless". A story of a man who is has very low self confidence and he has a talent of writing but cannot start writing for he don't know where to start nor what topic to write. When he accidentally met his ex brother-in-law and he was invited to his placed and offered him a pill/drug. At first he was hesitant and afraid to try but then after 30 seconds he took it and he felt great and he was able to come up with ideas he will have to write. Duration of one pill is about 3 days, so for 3 days he never sleep and he also finished to write his first book and submitted to a established company. After the effect of that drug, he loves to try it again and looking for more pills to take. That pill made him smarter, he was able to met different businessman, established his own company and made him reach all his dreams to be rich and be successful in life but without that drug he is nothing. How about you, do you prefer to take prohibited drugs and risk yourself just to achieve your dreams?
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