Sorry I'm preoccupied.....

May 22, 2011 6:48am CST
Everyday as you meet with people you know, there is always that monotonous question that I hear, "How is your love life?" and every time I say "Still single.", it's always followed by the question "Don't you ever feel lonely?". So I say to them what Detective Jacques Clouseau in the Pink Panther movie said "Not since the internet.". Yup, the internet, by posting, interacting or playing online games has kept me contented over the years. So what about you? What has kept you preoccupied in your single life?
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• United States
6 Jun 11
Thinking about having a nice man kept me busy when I was single. I met him and we are together 7 months now.
• Philippines
2 Jun 11
Hi! Aside from the internet, I've played couple games myself. I'm not really a gamer though, but yeah, I've played few. But for most part of my single life, music has played a big role in my life. Yeah, at some point in time I'd somehow felt lonely of being single but i'm like, "Bah, f*ck that!" There's too many things to be happy of. I have my piano and my violin to play around with. Hahaha! :D But I'm not saying I have plans of being single forever. Being single doesn't mean you have a sad life. It only means that you're too awesome for normal people to handle. :))
@783748 (179)
• Philippines
27 May 11
My work keeps me preoccupied in my single life. Although at times I feel lonely, I just divert my attention to things that would temporarily remove that thought. I'd say I still am very hopeful to find my partner in life, but I am just letting things happen naturally.
• United States
22 May 11
I just don't mind it, I guess. I really don't want to be in a relationship because I don't want to. There's nothing wrong with living the single life, I don't understand why people have to feel sorry for single people. Maybe they want to be single like me.
@ravisivan (14055)
• India
22 May 11
When I was young - there was no internet. I use to read a lot of magazines, go for walk, go to movies. I also use to visit friends. Now Internet and only internet. Ok time runs, will run. have a good day