get paid to play

May 22, 2011 7:16am CST
Do you know what are the best site where I can be paid to play?.. I have this dungeons and treasure, but, the exchange rate of gold to euro is very low!.. I guess it was just 1,000,000 gold(in game) = 2.5 euro, correct me if I'm wrong. I can't afford to waste such precious time just to earn that very little amount in a month!.. so please help me, what site would you recommend?..
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@mano5chi (207)
• Spain
22 May 11
You may try It´s a french site displayed in three languages (french, english and spanish). You are given four games per day to play classic flash games. You will find a version of arkanoid, super pang, zuma, tetris and so on. There are over sixty games to choose. From my point of view the site has one big pro and one big con. Here is the pro. rewards your skills. The higher the score in the games, the more the points you may obtain. But the con consists of you can´t win money by playing in the site. You will win points exchangeable for Amazon Gift Vouchers. If you are looking for cash, definitely this is not for you.