what kind of part-time jod did you do in free time !

May 22, 2011 7:50am CST
Hi friends I was always busy with my work. however I employed in a new company, maybe the economy have not recover from recession. there are fewer orders than before. currently I just worked one day a week. from a busy man to a bored man, I have no idea to deal with much time. keep studying everyday, want to do part-time job. but China is different from countries of America & Eourp. few part-time job in this city and i realized that I didnot learn any technology or specialty. I was not used to this kind of life. I hope friend give me pieces of advice or inspirations.
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@stanley777 (7251)
• Philippines
23 May 11
Hi Hong, Oh, I know China is affected by recession too but not so much like the other countries, I guess because China is one of the biggest exporter of products to other countries especially US and Europe.You said now orders are a bit low in your company so you want to look for part time job to augment your income.Joining mylot is one way and if you have writing skills, there are sites that do pay more.Since your studying as you have said maybe after you finish you can look for a high paying job.Thanks for sharing my friend.
• Vietnam
23 May 11
hi, I'm a student learning IT so I make a site to sell dvd discovery cuz I love film discovery and I can learning both English & how to make site and in business too, a part-time job at home with many benefits :D
@dong88 (796)
• China
23 May 11
Hello!Can be on the net and be able to find a part-time job of making money,really good.But,from what I understand, many network make money all hocus-pocus.To waste a lot of time and energy and no gains.I think Mylot is very good,can keep going.if you have the technology,can try to establish website,that is really can earn big money.Wish you success!
23 May 11
i already work for a MLM company...n i love 2 catch d new n d better onez all d tym....so i use my spare tym working on the same.... i hav also worked in call centers....:)
@dream_ozn (1757)
• Singapore
23 May 11
Hi It's great that you have started with myLot because this is a very first step for you. China has not recovered from recession? I thought China is doing very well now.. Anyway, there are many many kinds of part-time jobs out there and i believe not all deals with technology and speciality. Just give more effort and spend more time searching for part-time job, go for interviews before you decided whether they are suitable for you or not. GOod Luck
@1anurag1 (3580)
• India
22 May 11
Yes the effect of recession was all over the world , some where lesser and some where high. But at the end the things are improving gradually. In country like china I don’t think the effect is too high. But it is there also. What I would suggest you that if you are not technical you must pursue your hobbies that may be writing poetry to art. Rest china is a vast country and a lot of opportunities there for you.
@swtpareek (651)
• United States
22 May 11
I am currently sticking to mylot and some other ptp site as parttime job. Online earning is the only part time job that I am doing right now. On weekdays I get too tired from the work that I can't take up any part time activity and if I get time on weekends then I stick to online jobs. So I am mostly confined to online jobs.