do ghosts exists?

May 22, 2011 9:07am CST
heyy u thinkj there are ghosts or something called as "aatma" i think if god exist then all these things also exist...give me ur views guys?
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22 May 11
You have a good point there. But I am not sure on which to believe since i am agnostic myself when it comes to my religion. But for the sake of answering your question, i do believe that there are no such things. I do believe though that there are supreme beings that are way above us. XD
22 May 11
hmm...i know its hard to believe on such things . but i am still not satisfied ..sometimes i still feel that some one is following me ...many tyms i can't sleep whole night due to fear..i dont know whether its ma somewhat called "bhram" or something that can't be explained as u said higher powers....also wants to know if are dangerous or..
• Philippines
22 May 11
yes of course they exist..ghost are mostly found on animals..they rarely exist inside animals, however they do so when they want to trouble mankind through controlling them..the possessed animals will become wild and attack human thus causing distress to them..