How to Quit Smoking!!!

@oroxjo (23)
May 22, 2011 5:52pm CST
here are few steps: 1. Throw your lighters away. 2. Stop in a gradual process(not abruptly) 3. Now, lessen your daily consumption e.g. 10 sticks/day in 1st week 8 sticks/day in 2nd week and so on, 'til 1 stick/day and none... 4. make a rule: if an office mate/friend saw you smoking, you'll pay him/her say 1$ (you set your own fine) 5. Lessen your exposure to smokers (parties,bars and other similar hang-outs) 6. Move away from smokers as if your allergic to it (though actually you're salivating) 7. Well, DISCIPLINE: and stick to your quitting Plan
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@tom7777 (63)
• Ireland
22 May 11
hi,im off cigs 2 weeks now with patchs. but nice tips here,thank u
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@oroxjo (23)
• Philippines
23 May 11
thanks tom7777, surely after sometime you'll gain, you need some physical exercises (I do ping-pong)