The New Hard-Sell

United States
May 23, 2011 12:46am CST
Okay, has this ever happened to you? Some bozo calls you up to sell you on something and he repeats your name every other sentence. I have had two or three people do this to me and it is sooo irritating! It is obvious that this is part of their training. Do they really think that repeating my name over and over is going to make me sit up and listen better? Who came up with this asinine approach? Whoever it is should be horsewhipped!
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@donsky14 (5963)
• Philippines
23 May 11
It doesn't happen with just sales call...they also do that when someone calls you up, like from a telephone company. It is annoying, when they repeat your name in every sentence.
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• United States
23 May 11
Last year I made the mistake of submitting an idea to Davison Company. This is a company that supposedly "develops" your ideas into inventions for the public, right? This guy called me up and was trying to get me to pay them something like $700 for their "service". I told him that was more than I make in a month and there was no way I was paying that much out on something that I was not guaranteeda return on. Well, this guy kept repeating my name over and over again as if that was going to keep me listening to his speel. He called me several times and I felt like I had some kind of leech on me, sucking the breath out of me. I told him point blank not to contact me again. I didn't hear from the company for several months after that. Then I got a call from a new guy and I told him what I thought of their hard sell with my name repeated over and over. He apologized and they have not called again since then. Thank heaven! I mean, like, what part of no thank you did that first guy not understand, right?