in desperate help!

May 23, 2011 3:06am CST
Hi. It all started when my computer suddenly flashed me with a blue screen (an already bad sign) when I was in the middle of working with my computer. Like a good computer user, I ran the safe mode. Then I ran the computer normally. Thinking that I might solve the problem, I ran the computer and it gave me another blue screen. After a few attempts, I noticed that all my desktop icons were misisng and when I checked my local C drive, the folders were there but the inside files were missing. Panicking, I turned to the net and ran a couple of programs that might help (registry cleaners becuase I thought it was a registry problem). Up to now, I can't view my files but my files are still intact since I can see them when I scan my computer (that includes, programs, bookamrks, tags, etc). Can somebody please tell me what I am doing wrong and what shoould I do to recover my files. P.S. I can't defrag, scan or fix for errors the local C drive. It's like stoned or something. Advance thanks for the help.
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