Rudolph Fentz (a 70's urban legend)

Calgary, Alberta
May 23, 2011 4:55am CST
I know most of my friends here ask me to be their friend because of the urban legends I featured in discussions before so I want to make a comeback. There is a huge chance this story could be a hoax but it sounds fun so I want to share it. This story is not true and proven to be hoax but its very creepy and awesome. This story goes viral around 1970's, It is said to happen in the 1950's , A guy came out of nowhere in the middle of the New York Time square, he seemed to be freaked out when he saw the cars so he got hit in run by some car. So he died. When people checked his hoax he is wearing 19th century clothes and most things on his inventory are 19th century stuff. The police get to trace his origins and they found out he has been missing since 1876. So he is some sort of a time traveler of the past. The story seemed to indicated he got teloported by a worm hole that put him to the "future" well in a way 1950's is future for him. Here is my source of this story: If you got teleported in the middle of the high way, what would you do so you wont die?
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@mspitot (3833)
• Philippines
29 Jul 11
I like this story. I find it very interesting to investigate.
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• Calgary, Alberta
5 Aug 11
time travel=ultimate fantasy, if he only didnt panic.
@Porcospino (19596)
• Denmark
23 May 11
I always enjoy your discussions about urban legends and I think it is great that you are keeping this interest alive. I haven't started any discussions about urban legends recently, but I when I come across some interesting urban legends will share them I think that time travelling is a fascinating thought. I can imagine that it must have been a big shock for that man to see cars because he came from a time when things like that didn't exist. I wonder what kind of things that I would see if were able to visit the future. It would be hard to prepare myself for that kind of situation because I have no idea what kind of situations I would met. Maybe cars would have disappeared and everyone would be flying around in their own planes. I hope that I wouldn't get hit by one of those planes
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• Calgary, Alberta
24 May 11
I still occasionally trying to make this interest alive and I hope some people will make discussions of their own. MY only successful attempt on making an interest popular is the category wtf. If someone from our generation will be teleported to the future, I think that person will have less freak out. If he is only teleported in a place that is not a high way he might have been able to calm down after the freak out.
@topffer (36628)
• Singapore, Singapore
23 May 11
If I remember, it was after you started this interest that we became myLot's friends. It has been a good encounter for me, as we share many interests. I know what is a highway and I will try to remember the old Frogger console game, but my frog was not very good to cross a highway and I have many chances to die just at the beginning of my time travel. It would be no luck. The story of this man is very weird but he was coming only from the 19th century. We see everyday buildings or piece of furnitures of the 19th century : it was yesterday. I had some rare moments in my life where I felt like if I was teleported in the past. Not physically, but mentally. I had the luck to visit the true -- not the copy -- cave of Lascaux -- -- or to see the items found with Ötzi -- -- the day they arrived at the restoration service of the Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum at Mainz in Germany in 1992. It is a very strange feeling to be in front of fragile things miraculously kept during thousands of years, and it lets a persistent mark in your mind. Thank you to keep this "urban legends" interest alive.
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• Calgary, Alberta
23 May 11
I think the guy in this story panicked in the highway because cars dont exist in his time and there is no prediction yet that chariots with no horses will exist. With he boom of science fiction in our time, we might have some idea somehow what is in the future.