What's New in Yahoo Messenger 11?

May 23, 2011 7:07am CST
Yahoo Messenger has launch a new Yahoo Messenger Version, Yahoo Messenger 11. I just know it since i bought a new computer and start installing new software. When i tried to download yahoo messenger, it seem it already have a new version. Before this, i only using YM version 10. Now i already installed it, and i hardly notice the difference ( i just use it for about one or two hour now ). Do you know any new feature in Yahoo Messenger 11? What is different from the old one? And what bugs it repair. Also, what do you think about this new version? If you not use it now, do you think you will updated the old version? Thanks my friend for your reply
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@br3ndy (468)
• Indonesia
24 Oct 11
the truth is, i never even know what version my yahoo messenger is. but for me any version is fine since i only use it for normal chat. i even never use the webcam function since my internet connection not dependable. but, if i have a new computer and want to install yahoo messenger, i guess i'll download the newest version ^_^
• Indonesia
25 Oct 11
Well if you use only for chat to a friend, then i suggest using the older Yahoo Messenger Software. The newest Yahoo Messenger eat ( use ) too much resources. It also not as stable as yahoo messenger 6. It seems i often having an error and have to ctrl + alt + del the program more now with the new Yahoo Messenger. So the old yahoo messenger i think it still good.
27 May 11
may I also think so,because my previous yahoo messenger version susceptible to interfence,i want to renew my YM
@summerr (10)
• Romania
24 May 11
Honestly I still use version 8 of YM! I do not like the other versions, especially the interface. It's a bit too much for me. I know the version 11 (beta) saves archives on the internet. This is wrong and unsecured... and very difficult to access if there is a slow connection
• Indonesia
27 May 11
Oh yes, i also just realized it. Now i can always see my history with people i am chat it. Well if you don't think it is secured, you could turn off the function ( i think it has the function, but i am not really sure since i never tried to use it ). Anyway, i think Yahoo Messenger 8 pretty stable, but i think it is missing the video call function ( CMIIW ). Thanks for your participation in this discussion.