Online entertainment for toddlers (1 year old specifically)

United States
@garson (889)
May 23, 2011 10:37pm CST
I do not mean to put this in general discussion, but I don't have children or toddlers specifically on my discussion interest list. I have a one year old nephew, who has a tendency to want to get active. He would not sit still. Often times, when his dad needs to watch football or basketball on TV, I would get online so he can watch some Youtube clips to keep him occupied. Of course they have to be his age materials. Clips that I show him and like so far are Pocoyo (don't know if this kid is really popular in US), Sparkabilities (but only found 2 clips so far), and Teletubbies. He would be fascinated with something colorful. I really want to find clips that can last longer than 10 minutes. I could use some input. What else should I look for as long as they are free? They don't have to be through Youtube. I tried Looneytunes and Walt Disney; so far either they are too old (cartoon from 50+ years ago) or seems to be unappealing to him. I realized I probably should not let him watch those - probably too young.