Sophia is applying to the company

Pasay, Philippines
May 24, 2011 10:20am CST
It was really funny episode while ago about Sophia's application to the company plus I like it when Anna told her that she must be like a decent applicant not a refugee. In fairness with Jodi Sta. Maria she is sexy and pretty while ago but I am some kinda disagree with her outfit because she may look like going to the party instead of wearing the little but business attire which is more appropriate when applying to the company. On the other hand what Anna have prayed before that she is wishing that her opponent will be failed was accomplished. Wow that is the real power of hatred. I am sure Anna can do ways in order for the siblings to settle again. I really dislike Bobby here which is now the role of Dominic Ochoa. Unlike before he is the father Jose of MBP that is why I like his role there but now he is too self centered and a selfish guy who wants to control everything. It was like Bart has to pay for all the good things that Bobby has done to the siblings. I really like how Sophia treated her brother Kevin that she will do anything in order for her to help on Kevin's treatment. They are poor but I really like on how Mang Andres have treated their children hoping that he would never lose hope and his conviction will be strong that he should be diligent enough in order for him to earn rather than being a criminal.
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• Calgary, Alberta
27 May 11
She dont have an educational background right? But it seemed like the cellphone headset gimmick is working to make her act super educated, Plus she is an expert scammer so maybe she can pull it off. But she is almost busted when the cellphone goes low bat.