ignorance is bliss

@zazen6 (170)
May 24, 2011 10:30am CST
I am watching this talk show talking about the cheating/betrayal of Arnold Schwarzenneger. I remembered years ago when my close friends and I discussed whether we wanted to know if our boyfriend, partner, or husband is cheating or had cheated. At that time, I firmly told them that I wanted to know and that they should tell me. However, when I became a "victim" of a cheating boyfriend, I changed my opinion. After the inexplicable hurt that I felt, I believe in the adage, IGNORANCE IS BLISS. What's your stand on the matter?
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• United States
24 May 11
To me it's very sad to hear you say that, rather live a lie than truth. You must not value yourself to feel that its okay to be cheating on still happening to you whether you know it or not. Yes it hurts and its painful but through that hurt and pain you should learn and be wise. A man that cheats it has no reflection of you, but a reflection of him. I encourage you to care and love yourself and others because it's not okay to ignore a man cheating on you or live a lie because its not only hurting you, but the other person he is cheating on. What if you have children with that person you think its okay to set the example of ignoring someone doing wrong. I don't think so, ignorance isn't bliss its ignorance. Best of luck to you and find strength in all bad situations.
@zazen6 (170)
• Philippines
25 May 11
Thank you for your insight... will keep it in mind.