evil daughter who pleased her mother

@0310mg (73)
May 25, 2011 5:53am CST
When my mother told me;"you're evil.", I'm puzzled with my reaction...I laugh but more on the crying thing. I'm not saying that my mother was wrong upon saying that, actually she's right. Why I cried? maybe because people outside our house are all telling me what a good person I am. It hurts me because they aren't whom I'm trying to pleased...it's her, my dearest mother.
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@Jessi_T (380)
• United States
26 May 11
Whoa wait your mother shouldn't call you evil that is not right at all. I know all to well what it's like to laugh but in reality inside I am crying and it's not a fun way to feel. I would never tell my child they were evil and though my mom and I had a lot of differences growing up I don't recall her ever calling me evil either. A few other choice words but evil wasn't one of them.
• India
25 May 11
I’ve never had a good relation with my mother. being an only child, I’d expect that most single kids are pampered by their parents, but I’ve always felt that my parents have not done a good job of bringing me up. My mother specially have never had one good or encouraging or appreciative word about me. She’s called me liar, lazy, wild, good-for-nothing…many such words, only coz I’ve never agreed to be a slave to her each and every bidding. she wanted total control in the name of bringing up a child and I rebelled every now and then. Now she’s above 60 and I’m nearing 40 but even now, I’m never comfortable in her presence and I never look forward to spending time with her.
@tammy27 (1247)
• Philippines
25 May 11
i know how that feels. i experienced that as well. but i realized that the hardest person to please is our parents, specifically our mothers. maybe because they're expecting so much from us. "oh honey you're so this... you're so that." that's the line i can never forget, and everytime i hear that im always bothered inside i can't tell her how im such a failure.
• Philippines
25 May 11
Aw, sorry to hear that dear. Maybe it was just a joke, but certainly not a good one. How old are you? Remember to not stop loving your parents/siblings. Please don't take everything they say seriously. Actually, your mom has to learn that what she says will affect you somehow so you could also let her know that. That way, she'll be mindful of what she's going to say from now on. Good luck and I hope you won't stop doing good deeds to your fellowmen. See you around!
• Greece
25 May 11
Why is she calling you that? Is it like a pet name or she actually means it? If it makes you cry, it must be bad. Look into it because it doesn't sound right.
@edsss17 (4398)
• Philippines
25 May 11
I can definitely feel you!! My mom always told me I am EVIL even though I always do what she want me to do.. It hurts my ego.. Others told me I am such a good daughter... but why does my mom can't see it!