I got this message when I say I am not US citizen in mylot. what does it mean

@pandu89 (350)
November 19, 2006 4:44pm CST
I hereby declare under penalties of perjury that, in connection with the performance of services with myLot, LLC – a limited liability company domesticated in the State of Kansas within the country of the United States of America – I am not a citizen or resident of the United States of America. Further, I will notify myLot, LLC immediately if my status changes. AM I IN TROUBLE
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@istanto (8565)
• Indonesia
19 Nov 06
It's just fine. it Just declare you are not live in USA and will update your profile if the status changed.
@gifana (4836)
• Portugal
19 Nov 06
Citizenship - logo asking what is citizenship.
Somehow it doesn't sound right to me. There are many more citizens of other countries in myLot that to cite just one seems ridiculous. While I am really not in a position to rule of the legaility of it, I wouldn't worry if I were you until you received a legal citation.....which I highly doubt you will receive. Just don't panic. sit tight and wait would be my advice.