Just Played RIFT- my review

May 25, 2011 11:33am CST
Hey i just tried out rift, i am currently an avid wow player and play about 20 hours of wow a week. After playing rift for a few hours i really began to enjoy playing the game. The "soul" talent thingy's and the may the classes work was really a breath of fresh air after playing 4 years of wow. Now i cannot say rift is better than wow, as i have only played up to level 6, but i cannot emphasise enough how refreshing it is to play a similar game, but with better graphics and better tuned. WoW is great, it as all my gold, all my time spent and all my friends. But rift is a really good game and if i could move all my time/money/experiences/friends onto rift i probably would. Just reading through the spells ect they have some really innotive ideas and i hope that blizzard look to steal some of these because i would love to have alot of rift's qualitys in wow. Spells such as the mages "ground" effect are really exciting because it is a new thing that i have not seen in wow as of yet. Sure wow has healing friendly ground effects but not much like this. So my question is: Have you played wow/rift or any other MMO, which is your faviourate and why?. Thanks Mypalzadin
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