Sweets: Threat Or Treat To Your Kid?

May 26, 2011 4:07am CST
Sweets have been great to our taste buds. When you have it in a little amount or much more, you will find it very satisfying to your stomach. Many love the dark chocolate, fruit salad with so much milk with it, cookies and cream cake and a lot more of sweet stuffs. Many people with broken hearts indulge themselves into ice cream to ease the heartbreaks. Kids, when obeyed by parents, will also be happier to get into sweets than to play around the neighbor's yard. Sweets are undeniably irresistible. Its attractive appearance and delicious taste can conquer one's consciousness on health. Many love it but a lot of folks also hate when they see kids trying to get a lot of sweets. They claim that sweets threat the kid's health. While many moms go for it as a treat to their kids because sweets are actually not that cheap. When their kids have sweets products in their hands, moms can really get more chores done. Sweets have been playing significantly in kid's lifestyle but are they really helpful to their health and wellness? Should parents tolerate the passion of their kids to sweets?
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26 May 11
hi there parents should not tolerate their kids eating sweets,,,they need to be firm but kind abd ebcourage kids to eat fruit and healthy alternitives as sweets just ruin their kids teeth and make them hyper from all the e numbers and sugar ....awful yeuk.I personal dont eat sweets apart from the occasional one as my dentist has informed me of how bad they are an ive had fillings and a tooth out and i want to hang on to my teeth as long as possible.Sweets cause hyperactivity in kids so do sugary drinks so parents should only allow the occasional treat and pop drinks now and then and teach them how bad swets are for their kids health and teeth......