...what do you do if have nothing to write anymore...

May 26, 2011 6:00am CST
...but need to fill a page? I have been having this dilemma lately since I have to write about things that are really not in my interests but I need to write them anyway. Of course, I try to research as much as I could and try to include as many details and information as I could. However, there are instances when I feel that I'm just saying the same things all over again just to meet the required word count or page count. I don't want to disappoint any readers of clients but sometimes I feel that I'm sacrificing the quality of my writing just to make a deadline. Have you felt the same?
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@rambansal (575)
• India
5 Jul 11
Producing a written garbage is no wisdom. So when you have nothing substantive to write, stop writing and go for reading, thinking or even other unrelated activities. Let fresh ideas blossom in your mind in due course of time to complete your writing assignment. Writing is not a subject matter of meting deadlines, but a matter of creative pleasure with freedom.
@chiyosan (30205)
• Philippines
26 May 11
i would just go for the topics in mylot. hehe when i ran out of topics to post myself, i would just answer discussions from mylot people. =)
@NoWayRo (1062)
• Romania
26 May 11
I use a lot of jokes and unusual comparisons. For instance, if I have to write about a car (not one of my favorite topics at all) I'll say that driving it makes you feel like Jim Morrison on stage, or like Rita Hayworth in her famous number when she took off her gloves. I know it's fluff content, but sometimes I have to clench my teeth to get 50 more words on paper. The good thing is that I don't have any complaints - the clients seem to understand that they can't have "Hamlet" if they request 500 articles with the same keyword.