Free SMS from internet to mobile [please help Computer Experts]

May 27, 2011 3:41am CST
hello guys, ive posted this severals times on different forum sites..but no one answered me yet..please help me.. have you heard of ULINK Free SMS? or Chikka? or any other websites which provides free sms from computer to mobile phone? how does it works? Are they using AT commands and a broadband usb modem or 3G modem? are there any other options aside from using AT commands and broadband modems? as far as i know, when we use AT commands and broadband modems, it requires an electronic load..i want a free one which doesnt require a load.. Flow: A customer visits my website. there is a reservation form. After she click submit, a notification will be send to my mobile the time i log in my account to my website, it will show the pending reservation requests..after i confirmed it, the message i typed for that customer will be send to her mobile phone also.. is this possible? please help..
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