All I Wanted was to be Happy! :(

May 27, 2011 1:41pm CST
There are certain things in my life right now that I am currently melancholic about. Things that I never thought would happen, things that did not turn out the way I expected them to be. Heartbreaking events have been following me lately and I barely have the strength to go on each day. Each morning is a long agony until the sun sets, each evening is a painful moment to endure. All I ever wanted was to be happy? I never wanted to have all the things in this world? I was quite contented on what I have? But why do all these things do have to come? :(
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@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
2 Jun 11
You "bury" the daily routine and look for happiness. But what is happiness? This word has the same meaning but is perceived differently by all of us. What do you need to be happy? If you know what is best, because if you really want something and fight, nothing can stand in your way ... as long as I have reason to be angry, then you are (or at least try to son) happy! lately I've been seriously what it means to have bad days and have reason to be angry and you did not want to live, so now I can only enjoy any little thing, any beautiful moment, even peace that we lack many ... for most treasured times of happiness only after losing her ... sometimes you are unhappy with your life family, fights with your partner and you think you can not do anything. But think for two seconds how your life would be if he would not be there again? so you can tell how happy you are, just do not want to see this and avoid to recognize. We do not know how to enjoy what we have, we know only groan and look back with regret or nostalgia without even acknowledge that the fault is ours. you can be happy for anything, I'm happy that today I woke up, it sounds bizarre, but if I wake up? for your birthday or someone else, because you have friends that love and are loved, because you bought a dress on sale:)) would have to appreciate all the things that we now have, no matter how unimportant you would seem, because someday you might lose them or simply to see how they pass away they have lived without the intensity that is worth living ... you can find reasons to smile and be happy in anything, you just really want. Every day I try to find reasons to be happy (it's true that I do not always succeed, but I want to be happy that matter). yes it is true that the pursuit of happiness have anything to run and run without stop. happiness has no limits, is simply endless. if you're happy means everything, you're healthy, fulfilling and you have everything you want ... I think the best wish you can tell someone is to be happy.
@sourcern (96)
• Norway
27 May 11
Hi! I'm sorry about your hearth-break events.. Things like that happens often in life. Thats the price for living. You can't be happy all the time. When something bad happens try to get over it. Spend a nice eavening with your friends and have fun! The reason for things going down is so you can raise again! Whenever these things happens think about, you should live your life to the fully maximum!:)
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
27 May 11
everyone goes through heartache and pain (whether it be physical or emotional) at some point in their life. perhaps you should talk your situation out with someone.