im sick of old ppl

United States
May 27, 2011 4:34pm CST
i cant deal with ppl acting like they all that and want you to do something for them and then they dog you i dnt have time for that if it is something that she want she have to do it her salf i dnt have time for it i can be doing something batter with my time i dnt need to call ppl for other ppl i dnt have time it
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@Jessi_T (380)
• United States
29 May 11
Whoa bad day? We all get old. Some of us get old quicker then others and some of us never seem to get old. Old can mean a lot of things from how long you've known someone to maturity level to the elderly. If you mean you are sick of the elderly that is sad. One day you too will be elderly and hopefully no one gets sick of you. I am grateful for the elderly. After all when old is defined as elderly my parents are both old and I am very grateful for them and will never be sick of them. Is it your mother you are sick of? Or just old people in general or another she? My mother is on my nerves constantly and growing up we didn't have the best relationship but I will NEVER be sick of her.