Love with two eyes

May 28, 2011 1:54pm CST
In my life,I didn't stayed with another girl if I have a relationship with a girl , but I saw that many girls betray you and you will get hurt . Why I say love with two eyes?It's a metaphor ( not real sens of the word) , I just say that somebody can say you I love you , and maybe he/she don't love you.It's very hard to say I love you , this 3 words, I don't know why people say that if they don't know what that means.If you kiss a boy or a girl you sau I love you.. hmm maybe you like him /her but you don't love.Love comes when you will be a mature boy/girl .If I say something wrong,don't say me you are wrong,say me your case that happends in your life, not a story from grandmother or grandfather .
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@Filigs (122)
• Portugal
29 May 11
I was going to make a discussion related to this, not this specifically, but related to this, and then I came across this one and decided not to make it and just answer this one, my last relationship, that I thought it was a relationship, this happened, she said she loved me after kissing me, and not only there, she msged me some times that, but actually, it was more of an "I like you", not an "I love you" properly, but the ones I told her were... She once felt my heart beating when she was hugging me, and that was what she made to me everytime I looked at her, my heart just jumps out of my body. I'm not going to go more further on the story, I don't really want to talk about this moment of my life :S I told you the most related to this topic part, and I'm afraid thats enough... :S ~~ Happy MyLotting! ~~
@arshan18 (51)
• Philippines
29 May 11
sometimes, liking someone leads into loving that person. but i don't say that it will always fall into that scenario. because in reality, some do not love sincerely. but with the current population of the world, there is no doubt that everyone can find that special someone who compliments them and will love them the way they wanted to be loved. it's just a matter of time.
• India
29 May 11
i totally agree with you but the think you are saying used to happen in earlier time where people really knows about love. that was a deep relationship that used to exist. todays this is just an attraction which people thinks that they are in love. today it had just remain a sentence to make themselves believe that they are in strong relationship bond, but in fact that is just a small relation that they are carrying till both side partner are comfortable with each other. as soon as they find some difficulty to maintain there relation. they breakup and move ahead in search of a new love.
@stanley777 (7177)
• Philippines
29 May 11
Hi granny, I think I got what you mean my friend.What's the use of saying I love you to a person if you don't mean it.I guess those words have many meaning, depending on the person who says it to the person he/she is referring to.Example are actors or singers to their fans.Fans saying "I love you" to their idols and idol answered the same word in return just to make them happy.Love and like are two different things, if you love a person you care for that person no matter what, while like means you found in him/her what you want like character or qualities.So before saying this word be sure you really means it.thanks for the topic my friend...
@original8 (108)
• Belgium
29 May 11
True love can only be achieved when the inner is brought outward and when it is known that all are one and live on a planetary body that sustains and keeps you experiencing the collective experiences, also it can only be achieved when it is realized nothing more needs to be loved other then yourself only that way can true love exists.
@tiina05 (2319)
• Philippines
29 May 11
hello, Okay. I get your point and you really have a good idea. Which people might be mistaken whats the difference between liking a person or loving a person. In this matter those words are really meant for the people who really loving each other(not just liking). So, I have a question? When will you gonna say that you like a person? or you just love them?. and how can we say that we already mature enough to prove that we know what is the difference of love and liking?
@Bellapop (1281)
28 May 11
I think people use the word love to read early for maybe I should say, the phrase I love you too readily. Love this complicated and unconditional and this one of those things that can't be bought, measured or planned. So therefore people get disappointed too many times after hearing the phrase because some people it is so easy to say the phrase, I love you I love you and not mean it. I think you can feel it when someone loves you for real and the same with you when you love someone else you don't necessarily have to say it over and over again.