Why I Don't Like Minute Workers

May 28, 2011 8:07pm CST
Recently, I signed up to Microworkers and Minuteworkers, thanks to those who posted under one of my discussions about earning from home. At Microworker, I have finished 4 jobs, 1 already paid and the other 3 are waiting for the employer's approval. However, in Minute Worker, most jobs are for those living in US only. And those which are not feels like a waste of time. There is this job that I tried, it involved taking a survey, subscribing using my mobile phone, waiting for a code and the task said that upon completing the survey, a text file will be downloaded immediately, and if not, then just try another kind of survey, which, by the way, happened to me. That means I have to do it all over again without the guarantee that I'll be getting the text file and the 30 cents that I'll be earning. So I gave up on this task. Unfortunately, there are many tasks like this. So that's one reason. Another reason why I don't like Minute Workers is because they don't specify if the task is still active or not. In Microworker, they do include the status of each task if it's running and available or temporary unavailable. One more thing. I find the list of tasks in Microworkers looks more organized compared to Minuteworkers. You can see it for yourself. I'm so irritated with my recent experience in Minuteworkers which is why I made this discussion. :(