an apple a day makes the doctor away?

May 29, 2011 4:28am CST
they said an apple a day makes the doctor away.. but my friend told me she cannot eat apple coz it has high sugar content fruit... what do you think would be the best fruit to eat in every day.... :)
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• Mexico
4 Jun 11
Hi emzpeed: Not litterary but apples are really delicious to eat and they are healthy. I like the taste of an apple but for some persons a special food can't be so healthy. I didn't know that the sugar content of an apple could be bad for someone but I am not a doctor so your friend should look for another fruids with less sugar content. ALVARO
@vnrsudhan (1514)
• India
30 May 11
Hi emzpeed, Green apples are healthy,they contain more vitamins than red apples.Yup an apple a day,does keep the doctor away.Eating an apple before eating the main meal,is a good habit.It helps curb food cravings and also helps in fat reduction.Yes apples indeed do have a bit higher sugar content. Happy mylotting!