Do U think members from some countries will be more active referrals than other?

Hong Kong
May 30, 2011 8:01am CST
By looking at the internet, I do feel that some people from some countries are more active referrals than others.perhaps it is not true but I think there are people from poor countries will need to get money more than those who are living in those rich countries. There are really some places in this world that have a greater need for finance such a the third world countries and some of the Asia countries as well. What do you think, share with us?
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@hagirl (1296)
• United States
1 Jun 11
I have friends from all over and have not really found a difference as far as country or region. I think it is more of a personal preference. I even play games on facebook (not for money) and it is the same way there. Time is another factor that plays a role as does internet connection.
@ravisivan (14055)
• India
30 May 11
Hello ! people living in poorer countries do not have sufficient exposure to internet. In many places electricity power connection may not be there fully. Even if it is there it will not be affordable by the masses. People form USA, India, China, Britain who have free time and also have exposure to internet will become members of such communities -- to spend time usefully, to get some extra mileage. If u really calculate the expenses incurred -- cost of computer, usage charges, internet charges, electricity charges -- the amount we get from and out of activities in forums like this is not matching. May be we will incur $0.20 and get $0.26. Still we stick on to this. We have to be doing something. We talk to people who we do not see. Perhaps sometimes we are useful. Yes. as u know I have a blog which is mainly meant for job seekers in India. However contents therein -- aptitude, soft skills will be certainly useful for people from other countries also. I feel I am of help to a few. Coming to the discussion main point -- people from poorer countries more of them will not get advantage from these forum on account of reasons stated therein. have a good day