June 1, 2011 5:53am CST
life is like an ice cream if you have it it melts and if you don't it melts so enjoy your life to its fullest and don't waste such a wonderful gift from the almighty. what say everybody???
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@sanijas83 (271)
• Latvia
1 Jun 11
Life is hard and beautiful. Life is a highway. There is the easy way, there is the hard way. I have to see the one. It is inside one's heart where all the battles are won.
• India
1 Jun 11
its indeed truth that life is how heart is ,if u have a strong heart and good determination nothing can stop you to become a success in this era ,nowadays people worry a lot and are wasting their life and the word tension is always in their mind so they are not enjoying life to the has two paths but if your soul is clean then you will always go in the right direction.
@nelerkz (467)
• Philippines
1 Jun 11
Hi gamma, I do agree with your statement. For me, life is too precious, life is wonderful, so we have to embrace our life. Without life we cannot see how dazzling world is. This life is the best gift I ever received from God, I don't waste it for a senseless matter. I love my life as well as yours. Live our life to the fullest. Life is short, have some fun. Keep inspiring and God bless to you. :)
• India
1 Jun 11
enjoy each and every moment of life it will never come back and ya this is the most precious gift for us and the one who depends on us.
2 Jun 11
Its true my dear friend that we need to enjoy our life to its fullest. But its not all about enjoying sometimes it means we have to step off the road and do what we shouldnt have to do and which is unnecessary for our existence..
@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
1 Jun 11
Wander through life without feeling, like lifeless dolls. Yes, we cling to each other, so-called "masters" ... we deceive ourselves and we will not "grow old" and will always remain the same. Then comes a day when we lose "master", we realize that life is not just crossing our ... we realize that we have remained the same and it's very sad that we evolved, we realize that we can not do alone, we realize that actually we do not know who we are because I never did meet us, because we did not never felt love. We are beautiful, beautiful lady who we are, ladies and how hard it is to see the beauty in us, the beauty lies beneath a crust, under a false illusion of me. And there comes a time when we wondered when the right time to discover who we are, to feel our inner beauty, love to feel full. If you look you will not know the time is right, if you feel that you left the door open to your soul, you know. Today looking into the soul of a great man and sad, seeing an indescribable beauty, I realized how close they are to me and how much I feel, live and love. I feel my soul slowly, but live in joy and sadness, but I love life and every flower, every thought, every friend, sky, Flight. etc. .. It's a miracle to wake up and feel you have what it like to live: for YOU, clean, proud and clear like summer sky. It's safe, we just get closer to the love.