@locakai (166)
United States
June 1, 2011 6:55am CST
I hope today will be better than yesterday. For those who had a horrible, bad, non happy day, and for myself. I was up with 20 hours of no sleep. Yes, I felt horrible, I walked 8 blocks trying to talk to my advisor for school. I had changed my major once, and everyone one was rude to me. Really bad tempered, so that just made it worse, because I tried really for it to be a good day. I try to stay positive, but when people treat me like I don't know what or how to live, then they need a reality check. I may be young, but I have been through hell, trying to get where I am today, and no no no one deserves to be treated badly. There was one woman who was really nice, and spent an hour with me, going over my classes and what not, she was my advisor. I remember sitting in the hallway waiting, with tears strolling down my eyes, I had thoughts, almost fell asleep. But I remembered today is going to be good, I will not think negatively, and bam, things just changed... So Today Will Be A Good Day. Think Positive, remember S.T.W.B.A.G.D. Love ya mylot, and thanks.
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