pride and downfall

June 1, 2011 8:46am CST
Perhaps it is true that Pride can be the cause of one’s downfall. I had this colleague, a unit head, who is now in bad grace with the administration due to his refusal to accept a newly hired personnel in his office. The new personnel is qualified, found to be of good attitude with good references. He was to be the replacement of someone from that office who was transferred to another due to necessity. I have tried to rebut all his reasons for the refusal but still he insists in rejecting the person, ignoring him in his office much to the discomfort of the new employee. The new employee was finally transferred to another office but the unit head is now in bad graces with the administration due to his unreasonable rejection. I suspect that it is his pride that keeps him from accepting the new employee since he preferred another whom the HR office found to be less qualified. If you were in this unit head’s shoes, would you insist in rejecting the new employee or accept him and train him to do the job and move on?
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