I really got irritated and i hate my Personal Computer.

@lou_is (668)
June 1, 2011 9:17am CST
Hi friends, whenever i use to work on my system then there should be something wrong with the system. Some times i am deeply busy in some work in the system then at that time my system will hang up or else it will struck and won't work at all!!! then it is my duty to restart!!!! the system. I really get angry on my system but i can't do anything to it. Some times i will be replying to the other discussions in Mylot then suddenly when i will post the response again it will hang up and again it shows the text area where i need to type the response once again and then i need to click on Post response. I really got irritated because of these kind of things from my system. Do you or Did you face such kind of interruption from your system?
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@ravisivan (14055)
• India
1 Jun 11
Computer means hang up--It is very common unless it is a new computer. In fact I reformatted my laptop to get rid of this problem. For the past nine months it is ok. Again I may have reformat after four or five months. Viruses come and get into our computers. Antivirus also doesn't show fully. We have to be patient like driving on a road with heavy traffic. have a good day
@Matpunk85 (1066)
• Italy
1 Jun 11
mmm...it seems you are using Windows Vista! Sometimes I have the same problem. Now I tried Windows 7 and the situation is better now. When I used Windows Vista I had a lot of problems almost everyday, it was very irritating. If you have Vista I suggest you to put Windows 7, you'll even see the computer working faster!