Advanteges of Android Tablet

Tablet Pc - GFive Tablet pc coming soon.
June 1, 2011 11:01am CST
An android tablet is a portable personal computer a long with a cell phone with a touch screen. It is a user friendly device which can be carried around easily. They have a light weight operating system and one more benefit of using an android tablet is that it uses very less battery. it is the best choice while traveling. The tablet gives you a mobile computing experience. Android tablets have several software's in it and you can also download in it of your choice. You can also use wireless internet on it. With the help of camera you can click pictures and upload it. tablets also have dual cameras. Tablets offers so many games and application at very low prices or some have for free. Tablets uses very low batteries so there is no any issue with its battery. or if something wrong with its same have replaceable batteries like mobile.
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