bottoks injection.

June 1, 2011 11:22am CST
Celebrity lifestyle is always in the spotlight. In fact, not infrequently become reference material fans. Starting from a selection of fashion, sports, body accessories, to beauty treatments. That could explain why many women rely botoks to enhance your appearance. Wrinkle injection method repellent that became a trend after many celebrities try it. Not only adult women, teen-age children also begin to dare to try botoks injections in her face and her body. They are pretty obsessed like hero no matter the side effects botoks use at an early age.Dr Darren McKeown, a physician in Britain said applying botoks in age is too young it will accelerate aging. According to him, the idea that botoks can stop the development of wrinkles is a myth. Effect is happening is the opposite. did you will receive your appearance as yourself?, or whether you will change your appearance and in a moment you even bear the risks?
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• Indonesia
18 Dec 11
first, I think u mean is BOTOX not bottoks ( of course I never do it, that just waste my money and time. and it is one of behavior that doesn't thanks to GOD. because God create the aging.
• Indonesia
19 Dec 11
but it same in translator. no different. maybe i have less of translator word. anyway, this is old discussion. hahahahahahaha.......