Is winning disputes in alertpay impossible?

June 1, 2011 12:10pm CST
Hello everyone, I invested money in a ptc site for renting referrals and upgrading my account using my alertpay balance. But, the site turned scam soon, I didn't even get my ROI, so on 10th may, I filed dispute against the ptc site. But, my problem is that alertpay is not replying my support ticket. Even after 20 days they failed to reply me. On the contrary, my upline already won dispute using paypal, he won even after making profits from the site. The ptc site in which I invested is still online but not paying, so I feel that if alertpay can reply me, I hold good chances of winning dispute and getting money back into my alertpay account. Can anyone suggest me anything I can do? Regards,
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@yallit (3678)
• Philippines
1 Jun 11
It is possible to win an Alertpay dispute. However, they have a different process than Paypal. With Paypal, you first communicate with the site you're complaining of. Paypal will act as a 3rd party mediator first. If the site gives in to your demand, they will refund the full amount you stipulated in your dispute. In the event of non-response of the site your complaining of, you can escalate your claim directly to Paypal and in the even you win, you'll get the full amount you asked of. Now, with Alertpay disputes, Alertpay immediately investigates on the case and in the event you win the dispute, Alertpay will only reimburse back to you the money that you haven't recovered. Let's say you invested $100 and you already received $50, Alertpay will only return $50 back to you. In the event that you've earned more than what you've invested, you won't receive any at all even if you did win the dispute.
• India
2 Jun 11
Hi yallit, I haven't even got my investments back, I invested around $40 in the site, and received around $20, so, I would be very much happy even if I get rest half of the invested money back to my alertpay account. By the way, thanks for your response :)