what really is a friend to you?

@shrike (123)
June 1, 2011 12:27pm CST
when i was a college, i can say that i have many friends. others are just a hi and hello friend, others call me friend because we hang out together and others call me friend because they benefits from me. maybe yes they are many, but true friends i have, hmm, maybe one.. a true friend for me is the one who is there for me in times of my ups and downs, though i don't tell or share all my feelings to her at least i can see her concerns, making her best to help me in anyways.
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• Singapore
1 Jun 11
A friend to me is someone who would stick to you no matter what happens, even If you insult him, he would not care, because you are that close. True friends don't have any motives in being your friends, they are just happy for your existence in their world. These kind of people are rare in the world so we should never take them for granted as they might be gone any minute.
@shrike (123)
• Philippines
2 Jun 11
hello! i agree with you.. because sometimes we never see their importance until the time they're gone.
@thanks1961 (7046)
• India
1 Jun 11
For me, a friend is who understand me well and open the way with no conditions. Just open and being good, the rest all are afterwards. Thank-s
• United States
1 Jun 11
A friend is someone that helps me out when I never I need help as oppose to only just helping me out when they need help. A friend sticks by me even when I do stupid or unjustified actions; because they should understand that no everyone is perfect and there's no exceptions from that rule. I have a mixture of good friends and bad friends, I always make room in my life for the good friends.