how much is to much

United States
June 2, 2011 12:36pm CST
my ex kept telling me that he dint have a problem but how much is to much is my question. he use to drink everyday all day but he said he was fine. but i feel like if u cant go one day without then u have a problem. i drink myself but im a social drinker. i think when u start to act not urself then u have had a bit to much.wouldn'y u agree??
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@ygna21 (294)
• Bulgaria
25 Nov 11
If you can't go even 1 day without something you are addicted for sure. If I think I am addicted to something i try to go without it for 1-2 weeks then I know for sure if I am addicted or not:P And yes drinking everyday is very bad.Especially if you act different after drinking. But if he is an ex I don't think you should be so concerned :P Just let him deal with it.Or not.That's his personal choice. Have a great day! :)
• United States
3 Jun 11
That sound like my ex...but I think he had it bad. Like drinking in the morning before he went to work kinda bad. I would bring it up to him but he'd flip out so I stopped bringing it up, then I left his a** when he started inflicting verbal and mental abuse on me. Enoug is enough and yes I agree that day n day out is too much and a problem
• Malaysia
2 Jun 11
Your right saying about it. Much is a habitual attitude and too much is a stage of addicted. So, how to get it moderately done? Able to withstand on living happily without it once none/unavailable and enjoy taking on it once served.....I think!