When should income come before my family?

United States
June 2, 2011 3:51pm CST
I am currently a stay at home mom and i would like to know when lack of income means leaving my kids in overpriced daycare to earn a few extra dollars
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• United States
3 Jun 11
I chose to stay home with my daughter after a while. I tried working and the fees were not worth me going to work. I think you will be just working to pay day fees. And having someone else raise your child. I wish you the best here.
@Asilrose (24)
• Canada
2 Jun 11
I think for everyone in this situation it is different. Me right now am in the exact same position. Daycare in my area currently runs approx $750.00 per month for one child. I have a 2 year old and an 8 year old. My 2 year old will need full time, my 8 year old in theory will need after or before school care, which adds to the daycare tally - in my situation... the when is immediately. My husband makes a good wage, but with mortgage (living the dream) utilities, vehicle expenses the cost of gas, the change in food prices we find it is impossible to get ahead. We live paycheck to paycheck and if something unexpected happens we are behind the 8 ball again playing catchup. I have spent the last 6 months or so, attempting to find income online that is not a scam or pays enough to actually warrant me spending all day on the computer... the next question for us was ok, find work - but when? do I take an evening or graveyard job to save the expense of daycare but lose quality of life with my family - when would I actually see my husband or my 8 year old? Or do I find a day job - shell out the daycare expense and pay for the crap shoot of someone else raising my child? Its a tough one. My decision for our family is this, find a day job that pays enough over and above my daycare expense to take some of the pressure off of my husband and control my stress at having to rob Peter to pay Paul constantly - enjoy my marriage and children and perhaps live happily ever after! I wish you much luck and hope whatever your decision it brings you happiness.