terms of service

@umabharti (3976)
June 3, 2011 2:04am CST
hi friends, While i was cheking my gmail today i got a mail with some code from google , it never happened previously,it sent some terms of service mail ,They are twenty terms of service and all i read.The main one which is TOS 13. Usually it was asking now and then when i change my password or create some new email id for myself to do some offers in some earning sites. i thought for a while did i went against the TOS of google services or is it just for security reasons. I went to yahoo answers to see how many email id can a person hold.And how to know the list of email ids as i dont remember all of them.May be there would be only ten to fifteen however i dont use all of them.Only one account i maintain. Usernames i give many when i do some offers and email ids would be five which i use to signup or do the offers.To do the creation of account i use the same mobile number to activation of the new account of gmail. How to get the email ids and its just to delete some which i am not using.
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