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June 3, 2011 7:05am CST
does anyone know how many hours should i wait before i could know how much i earn in myLot from posting or doing activities here? im just new in this field, anyone who could suggest or advise to increase my earnings easily?
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• Philippines
12 Jun 11
Hi there egram09, I take a look with your profile and I would like to welcome you here in MyLot. I have also added you to my list of friends here. That was also one of my questions when I am a newbie on this site. The best thing to do my friend is taking a time to read the FAQ’s. This can give you much information to increase your earnings in MyLot. You should have patience and aside from that you can also learn a lot of things here in MyLot from friends all over the world. This is a very friendly site.
@allknowing (68463)
• India
10 Jun 11
I just noticed you have not commented on any of the responses that you have received here which means you have earned nothing in this discussion. In order for you to earn you must either respond to topics created by others and/or comment on responses that you receive to your topic. Unless you do this you will not earn anything here. As per suggestions given by other users here please read the guidelines and faqs that will help you participate here in an effective manner. Welcome to myLot.
@annavi23 (6306)
• Philippines
10 Jun 11
hello egram, welcome to mylot! first thing you have to do is read the faqs. from there you can understand how mylot works. but as they said, it takes 24 hours before you can see your earnings in here. just keep on posting quality posts, it's either you make a discussion or respond on to others. we can earn in both ways. you can also search in here using the search box above. you can earn rewards which turns as earnings as well. keep on participating in discussions, do tasks, make new friends and enjoy!
• Bangladesh
8 Jun 11
if you want to earn much money in mylot you should stay in mylot.earn to disscuss/respond et2
@Alvals (264)
• Latvia
3 Jun 11
24 hours
@mysdianait (64056)
• Italy
3 Jun 11
Most of us know how many hours you must wait. You want to know how we know? Because we have read the FAQs where myLot answer all of our questions. Yours is answered here: Your time zone might not be the same as that of myLot. Look at the clock at the bottom of the page to know what myLot's time is. MyLot also tell us how to increase our earnings too, here: You will get better results here if you read the information in this link: Welcome to myLot!